The East Helsinki Music Institute (IHMO) is an educational establishment providing basic education in the arts according to the advanced syllabus for music. It is rooted in Western art music.

We love music and offer opportunities for many kinds of music-making. Our task is to create joy and well-being so that in the future music belongs to everyone.

The activity of IHMO is regulated by the National Core Curriculum for the Advanced Syllabus for Basic Education in the Arts issued by the Finnish National Agency for Education. The education is directed primarily to children and young people. The starting point of teaching are ways of knowledge production and performing characteristic of music. In teaching, a foundation for a socially and culturally sustainable future is created by means of art. The studies support the development of creative thinking and participation of the students and strengthen the foundation of their identity and development of cultural literacy. Studying music is systematic over a long span and gives qualifications to the ones aiming at vocational education.

You can acquaint yourself with IHMO’s curriculum here: Curriculum of The East Helsinki Music Institute

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